Bolero Snort KOW Lime Pie Session Ale

Bolero Snort KOW Lime PieBolero Snort Brewery is one of North Jersey’s latest entrants to the craft beer world. The brewery strives to create hand-crafted ales and lagers that are influenced by both traditional and emerging styles with their own bold spin. From their year round offerings to their specialty releases they keep turning heads in the craft beer community.

One of their newer releases is a Key Lime Session Ale brewed with cinnamon, vanilla and of course key limes.

The beer pours a light and very hazy yellow color. The thin white head settles quickly and leaves nothing much in the way of lacing.

Aromas of key lime leap from the glass. In addition to the key lime you will find hop notes of citrus and pine. There is a non-descriptive sweet note hanging out alongside a hint of vanilla that helps to balance the lime and hop notes.

The palate gives you exactly what the nose promised with even more key lime goodness. The citrus and piney hop notes are discernible up front and sweet grain and vanilla notes make their appearance around the mid-palate. The finish showcases the key lime and adds a touch of the zest into the otherwise juice dominated flavor profile.

A balanced and delicious beer from Bolero Snort ,and a great pairing with blue cheese, grilled shrimp skewers or blackberry pie. PintRate-4

Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4.0 Out Of 5 Pints


Atwater Whango

g_logo_atwaterLocated in Detroit’s historic Rivertown district, Atwater Brewery was founded in March of 1997 with the purpose of carrying on the rich history of breweries in Detroit. They currently have a portfolio of nearly two dozen year-round, seasonal and single batch beers. One of their seasonal offerings is a wheat ale brewed with mango aptly names Whango.

The beer pours a hazy golden yellow color. The one finger off white head is fairly dense and dissipates at a moderate rate. One the head has completely settled a light lacing remains both atop the beer and along the sides of the glass.

On the nose you find plethora of fruit aromas. While mango dominates these fruit notes, aromas of melon and stone fruits like peaches and apricots are also discernible. There is a wheat aroma that peaks through the fruit along with a touch of pale malts.

The palate brings you where the nose promised it would. Fruit notes dominated by mango hit right off the bat. The secondary fruit notes of melon and stone fruit add depth and are closely followed by notes of wheat and pale malts on the mid palate. The fruit notes carry through to the finish where they are met by a black pepper spice. The finish is smooth and clean.

A very easy drinking seasonal session brew from Atwater. This flavorful beer would be a great pair for pepper jack cheese, grilled salmon with mango salsa or a peach tart with black pepper crust. 3.5 Out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 3.5 Out of 5 Pints

Goose Island Summer Ale

Goose Island Summer AleWhen the Goose Island Brewpub opened its doors in 1988, domestic, mass-produced beer was deeply ingrained in Midwestern culture. John Hall decided that his hometown, Chicago, would be the ideal place to introduce his beers. It turned out that John was right, as Chicagoan’s palates evolved rapidly once Goose Island’s opened its doors and introduced the city to distinctive craft beer. New this year is their Goose Island Summer Ale.

The beer pours a rich honey color. The two finger dense white head shows decent retention. Once dissipated a generous lacing remains. A steady stream of tiny bubbles rise in the glass adding the overall appearance.

On the nose, delicious aromas of fresh sweet oranges dominate. Pine, grapefruit pith and lemon zest appear next with aromas of bright coriander. Sweet malt notes balance help to bring the fruit, hop and spice aromas together.

On the palate this session brew proves to be extremely refreshing. Crisp citrus and bright coriander mix seamlessly with piney resin notes. Grassy notes are met with light malt flavors. Orange and black pepper spice hit on the finish and round out the palate.

Goose Island hit the nail on the head! They say the Summer Ale is a “crisp and endlessly refreshing session ale,” and we agree. This is definitely a crowd pleaser for the hot weather. Pair with Brie, grilled halibut with mango chutney or pineapple upside down cake. 4.5 out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Pints

Saucony Creek Roxie’s Golden Banana Wheat

Saucony Creek Roxie’s Golden Banana WheatSaucony Creek Brewing Company is a forward-thinking craft brewery proudly fashioning hyper-local beers from farm to pint in an effort to keep glass-clinking camaraderie alive and well. It was a professional X Games and action sports career that sent a younger version of Saucony Creek Brewing Company’s Founder Matt Lindenmuth hopping from country to country where artful inspiration, diverse cultures and unique individuals prevailed around every corner. He soaked it all up and particularly felt fascination for craft beer in Belgium. Fast forward through US Snowboard Team training, Guinness World Records, NBC’s Gravity Games and a collection of injuries, it was time to leave behind one crafty career and begin another one. With some new found free time, Matt took his long standing hobby of home brewing to the next level, and began the formal process of launching Saucony Creek Brewing Company. Saucony Creek Brewing Company’s summer seasonal release is a banana wheat beer by the name of Roxie’s Golden.

The beer pours an incredibly hazy lemon yellow color. The one finger fluffy white head dissipates rather quickly. Once gone it leaves behind a foamy ring around the perimeter of the glass but no lacing to speak of.

The aromas of yeast and bread hit first and linger throughout the bouquet. Fruity esters and a slight sourness are also notable. Over ripened aromas of banana are evident and when added to the bready notes are reminiscent of a banana muffin.

On the palate yeasty bready notes hit first with just a hint of banana. There is a slight sourness that echoes the bouquet but is balanced by sweeter malt notes. On the mid-palate there is a hint of white pepper that is almost immediately washed away by the continuation of the yeasty bready notes. On the finish the banana is really showcased.

A great summer offering from Saucony Creek Brewing. Balanced and quite quaffable. Try pairing this with Havarti, garden salad with grilled chicken or banana pudding pie. 3 out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 3.0 Out of 5 Pints 

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Flying Dog Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale

Flying Dog Dead Rise Old Bay Summer AleFlying Dog has been producing acclaimed craft brews since 1990. Becoming part of the Maryland landscape in 2008, Flying Dog was quickly accepted by Marylander’s as a local staple. Another well known staple in Maryland is Old Bay seasoning. While found just about everywhere in Maryland, there is not a restaurant in the Chesapeake Bay area that doesn’t have Old Bay on the table. Celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, Old Bay seemed to be the perfect ingredient to add to the perfect summertime beer, and who better to pull off this crazy concoction then Flying Dog!

The beer pours a hazy light straw color. The one finger fluffy white head shows decent retention and leaves behind a light lacing.

Aromas of Old Bay hit right off the bat. The celery salt is the most well define aroma within the Old Bay profile but red and black pepper are definitely notable. Bright notes of coriander play off the salinity and spice of the Old Bay perfectly. Citrus notes of lemon zest with a touch grapefruit hide in the background along with a kiss of sweet malt.

The palate is very similar to the bouquet. The Old Bay is noticeable from the beginning but is perfectly balanced and not overpowering. Citrus notes of lemon and bright coriander are the perfect balancing agents to the salty spice of the Old Bay. A refreshing and crisp malt note restrains the flavors and makes this a quaffable brew.

A lot could have gone wrong with adding such a potent spice to a beer. Flying Dog’s expertise ensured a perfectly balanced and absolutely delicious summer beer. If you like Old Bay seasoning then this beer is a MUST TRY! Pair this one with a creamy Havarti, crab cake slider or lemon sponge cake with a spicy glaze. 4.5 out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4.5 Pints out of 5

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Horny Goat Laka Laka Pineapple Hefeweizen

horny goat laka laka pineappleHorny Goat Brewing Company debuted their initial three brews in April 2009. Only a few years later, their portfolio and following has greatly expanded. Horny Goat is a fun and whimsical concept that produces serious and focused beers. One example is the summer seasonal Laka Laka Pineapple Hefeweizen.

The beer pours a very cloudy golden yellow color with reddish/orange hues when viewed in the light. The thin white head offers very little retention and a small amount of lacing around the edge of the glass. The carbonation is notable with large bubbles rising on the sides of the glass and tiny bubbles rising from the bottom of the glass.

Aromas of sweet pineapple hit right off the bat and is quickly followed by candied sugar. A strong banana aroma follows on the heels of the pineapple and is highlighted by a touch of clove. A hearty wheat aroma is notable along with a touch of crisp malt.

The palate echoes the bouquet seamlessly. Fresh pineapple transitions to a sweet ripe banana note. The banana and pineapple tango together amidst the hefty wheat backbone. A touch of clove spice and crisp malts are also noticeable through the wheat and fruit. The pineapple notes are extremely fresh in nature due to the fact that the juice is added post fermentation.

A refreshing summer session brew that is likely to appeal to both the craft beer novice and expert alike! Try pairing this with your favorite goat cheese, pan seared scallops or banana pudding. 3 out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 3.0 Pints out of 5

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Flying Fish Forever Unloved Sandy

flying fish forever unloved sandyFlying Fish Brewing Company is located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and in a state that once boasted 50 breweries, it’s the first microbrewery in Southern New Jersey. From its opening in late 1996, Flying Fish has tripled its capacity and became the largest of the approximate 20 craft breweries in the state. Forever Unloved Sandy (or “FU” Sandy) is a special offering from the brewery, and all proceeds go to rebuilding New Jersey after the devastating effects of Super Storm Sandy.

This American Pale Wheat pours a slightly hazy golden yellow color. The two finger white head is soft and fluffy like a cloud. It shows decent retention and dissipates to a nice lacing both on top the beer and the sides of the glass.

The nose shows a bouquet of fruity aromas mainly dominated by tropical and stone fruits like apricots, peaches, mangos and guava. There is a definitive “wheaty” aroma that adds depth and helps carry the fruit notes. There is also a great deal of notable hop aromas. While you can pick up on piney and citrus (grapefruit) notes the grassy notes dominate the hop profile.

On the palate you revisit most of what the nose offered. There are light fruit notes which become more focused on the stone fruit, specifically the apricot, although the tropical notes are still detectable. That signature “wheaty” note gives the beer a refreshing quality that conjures up a feeling of summer at the Jersey Shore. The hops are actually the dominating force on the palate. A hint of piney hops transform to citrusy hops on the midpalate. From there on out grassy and vegetal hop notes take over and continue through the finish. There is a bitterness that hits around the midpalate, continuing to the finish but does not linger beyond that.

Forever Unloved Sandy is a refreshing and well crafted beer, perfect for the summer months. While the beer is worth trying, supporting the cause it was created for makes it a no brainer. A great pair for lemon chicken, crab cakes or people who are proving they are “stronger than the storm.” 3.5 Out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 3.5 Pints out of 5

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