Evil Twin Molotov Lite Imperial IPA

evil twin molotovEvil Twin Brewing has rapidly grown in popularity, with its one-off style and limited releases offerings since 2006. Operated as a “gypsy” brewery, meaning they set up shop temporarily in other breweries like Westbrook Brewing Company in South Carolina or Two Roads Brewing Company in Connecticut. Leasing out space is no small endeavor, as last year Evil Twin brewed more than 7,000 barrels!

The Molotov Lite pours a hazy golden color, with a light carbonation and some sediment floating around. The thin off white head hangs around for a while before leaving some lacing behind.

The nose offer some subtle aromatics but not as intense as you might expect for an Imperial IPA. Upfront there is a lot of tropical fruit notes: pineapples and mangos seem to jump out of the glass. This is followed by a rich pine notes and earthy almost grassy character.

The palate offers much more flavors then expected. Leading with a strong hoppy bitterness, no too overpowering, into the smooth tropical fruit flavors. The finish has some minor spice notes with balanced acidity.

One of the better Imperial IPA’s we’ve tasted recently. Has the big flavor to satisfy hopheads without being too over the top. This would be a great pairing with a sharp cheddar, fish tacos or grilled peaches.

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4.0 Pints out of 5